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Friday, May 20, 2011

We were born into this..

Have you watched the news lately or read the newspaper or maybe read the news feeds from yahoo or google. This world seems to have lost it's ever loveing mind. I always wwonder what makes people do some of the evil shit they do. hHave we lost our sence of what it is to be human. I'm nobodys judge nor am I perfect but I do know right from wrong. There are elements of our culture that veiw what we may concider  unacceptable behavior to be the right way to live. Killing, stealing, lying cheating. These are some of what is done daily in an effort to survive.

They say money is the root of all evil. If you pay close attention to the why behide the act you will find money to be th motivation behide many unspeakable acts. Now i'm from the hood which one really don't matter. Point is we can step outside of our homes an see the evil being done in the name of belly feeding and bill paying at any given time. I see it and I know you do as well.  But heres the trick bag. Thats small scale compared to whats really going on. Wars are being fought over oil thats why gas prices are so high. What about the lives that are being damage an  destroy so you can go by your woman that diamond engagement ring. Did you know that blood diamonds are for real. In some countries whole populations are being wiped out so the rich can keep getting rich. I don't claim to know everything about whats going on when it comes to these types of things. But I do understand that it is happening.

We were born into this world we did'nt ask for it. We spend our lives trying to make it as best we can. It's really a sad situation to be forced to do bad things just to eat. Look jobs are hard to come by these days. The saying goes if you don't work you don't eat. Well when you put people in the  position were they have to decide between a empty belly and hungry children an crime, what do you think they are gonna chose. They are going to do what ever it takes to survive an provide for there family. Thats just basic instinct. Even an animal will chew on it own leg before it straves. So you gotta know that people are not going to just roll over an die.

History has shown us time and time again that there are those in this world that want to see us die. From the days of the civil rights struggle up until today these an even farther back than that, these so called people have done any and everthing they can think of to keep a foot on our necks. They have done everything from enslaveing us to dening us our freedom and human rights to flooding our communites with drugs and guns. we have been murder by the thousands, beaten and treated less than doggs. Yet we continue to do there work for them. lets not blame what we do all on money. We do things to each other that has nothing to do with money. There is no excuse for the harm we cause ourselves.

I know we are so much more than we are showing at this point. But we continue to fall into the traps they set for us. you can't get a job so what should you do. I don't know but whats being done is we sell poison to our own brothers and sister mothers and father. And since my struggle is more important than yours and my life means more to me than yours im going to soo up my community and kill and destroy anybody whos from some place else. Now let us have ourselves a good old fasion drug war/gang war. An thats just what they want to do. I'm not from this community I'm on the outside looking in, but I want to use it as an example because it has gained the must headlines over the years.

Over the past 20 or 30 years South Central LA has been making the news due to the war between the Bloods and Crips. Thousands of young black lives has been lost to this war. Here is what I see. In that area there are three strong groups Bloods and Crips and Mexicans. while the B's and C's were killing each other the Mexicans have been sitting back watching. Now the Mexicans are trying to run the blacks out of  LA. As I said before I'm not from that area so if your from that area and you think I'm wrong please comment an give your opinon. You see they were gaining strength while we were destroying our numbers. A weak enemy is a easy enemy. I have heard reports that South Central LA is over 90% mexican now. please tell me how that happen. Ok here is something I do know about. South side of Chicago and the East side of  Detroit. Same problems we killing our selves an for what.

Black people please stand up and realize that these same armies you use to kill each other with would be more useful in helping eace other live. Maybe it's to late for that, maybe the tentions run to deep. All I know is that there is a better way I just hope we realize it before it's to late. STOP KILLING PEOPLE.. We as a people are better than that check your history..

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