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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I'm lost but thats not a bad thing

There are a few ways I like to get lost, an they are not all bad or nasty. Music man I love music right now I'm listening to the ohio players "Heaven". An that is exactly what good music is to me. For me music is a stress reliever. It don't cure but dammed if it don't take your mind off of the shit thats bothering you. I like all kinds of music Rapp, R&B, Jazz, and Gosple there are even a few white people songs I like my favorite being Sarah Smile by Hall and Oates, I think they were lead by the Black spirit on that one. But I have found a new love for that old 70's music.

Being a 70's baby I remember my Mom, Aunt an Uncles playing Earth Wind and Fire, The O'jays, and Marvin Gaye. Back the I did'nt understand what they were talking about, I just liked how it sounded. But now I feel the meaning in the words, as far as i'm concrened the 70's was the greatest era in music. The funk the meaning the groove. It's a beautiful thing.

I really love music that speaks directly to me heart an my situation. Donnie Mcklurkin's We fall down is that song. That is a song that can't just sneak up on me, I have to perpare for that one. I have spoke on this before, it is a moment I will carrie with me for the rest of my life. If you don't already know I am an over the road truck driver. One night I was rideing thru Indianapolis about 3 in the am. I had the radio on full blast. I'm ridein an feelin the vibe, feeling the music. Then we fall down came on so since couldn't nobody else hear me I started pertending like I could sing. Please I couldn't carrie a note to save your life. But the song played on an I'm all into it and all of a sudden my voice cracked, an I felt this giant lump in my throat. Then I started thinking about all I had been going thru an the flood gates opened. Now I can't make words come out of my mouth an i'm trying to wipe tears from my eyes cause I still gotta control this big ass truck.

So here I am a bigg ass over grown Man rideing thru a city in the middle of the night with the hi way all to myself crying. But thats the thing I love the most about music. The right song can relieve so much stress. To this day I hear that song an I gotta brace my self. O an I betta not try singing along o it's over. I am a music lover. For the longest time I was stuck on gangsta rapp. But what I realized is, I was lacking love. Aint no love in gangsterism. So slowly I started getting more into R&B but that 70's sound aint nothing like it.  THANK GOD FOR GOOD MUSIC ALL OF IT!!!!!!!!! I love getting lost in the music no need to find my way back from that.. TONE

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