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Friday, May 11, 2012

It's been a minute

It's been a good while since I had the chance to work on my blogg. I really have missed it. But I'm back now an plan to be around for a long time to come. Allow me to share a small piece of my world with you.  I need to remember that I'm not texting, facebooking or tweeting here an need to use full spelling and puncuation and spell check if needed.  Never the less the journey thru my mental jungal continues. I look back on the past year or so and feel a mixture of feelings opinons and emotions. I feel I am just as strong in some areas as I am weak in others. I feel I can say that being that I am not afraid. Where some may be afraid to admitt they're weakness I am not. By accknowledgeing them I become stronger. I am able to pinpoint, seek out and improve upon my short comings. As with anybody I find the road I travel to be much more than a stright, flat and level road.  As a matter of fact it's more of a rollercoaster than it is a road.

Yet I am happy that I am still able to smile. Over the past couple of weeks I have been able to enjoy some of the beauty of this land a bit more. From the mountains of west Texas to the rolling hills of Wisconsin. I have been to all but two of the lower 48 states. I say you can keep the last two, "I'm cool on that". I'm feeling like I'm doing much more tha just working a job out here. I'm on a personal journey. I am learning things that I was either unable or unwilling to learn when I was home every night. No excuses it is what it is.  I feel as if I am learning about Adulthood, Manhood, Fatherhood and if there is such a thing Humanhood.  I am forced to do things in a way that I would not have chosen for myself on purpose. I say on purpose because it was my choses mistakes and neglect that put me where I am today. So in that since I chose this path for myself.  But what if, if was a fifth right.

The thing is I am learning. I know some would say as old as I am you would think I would have learned by now. To that I say, you learn how you learn and I will learn how I learn.  Since life is a journey that only ends when it's over. You are never to old to learn, no matter what the lesson.  I personally think that when you get to the point where you know everything and have nothing else to learn. You should go an find the nearest an tallest sky scrapper climb to the top take a nice relaxing swann dive an see if you can start over.  I'm just gonna keep learning. Now since I have made the haters do some jaw dropping, might I continue.  It's a simple lesson.... Never take anything for granted always give your best effort and the work is only beginning once you clock out at that job.  Also if it aint right move on before you find your self in too deep.

So for now I will end it here but I'll be back.... TONE

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