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Friday, July 15, 2011


in the movies, when you see a ZOMBIE they are what is suppose to be the walking dead. They rome around aimlessly looking for victims. The are focus only on the hunger they feel. They moan an groan there is no life only animation. movement with purpose. The soul is dead but the body keeps going.

Of course this could never happen in real life. Once your dead your dead. But still ZOMBIES do exist. If you pay close attention you would see them everywhere. No they are not the walking dead. They are the people that never seem to learn. They make mistakes over and over again, get themselves into bad situations time after time. Most people tend to learn from the mistakes they make an try not to repeat them. A ZOMBIE never learns. Every thought, every action, every decition everything he does seems to lead him down the word path.

Some how a ZOMBIE tends to be very good at misinterputation, he always reads people the wrong way. He misreads situations an has his focus in the wrong place. A ZOMBIE looks like anybody else an is highly fuctional and very smart. He just can't stop the endless cycle of making the same mistakes over and over again. He suffers from what I call ZOMBISM. An inabilty to learn an see things clearly an for what they really are.

I speak on ZOMBISM because I have come to realize I am a ZOMBIE. As I search an reflect on my life, I am becoming more an more aware the I keep getting myself into situations that I should have been learned from. No matter how hard I try so things I just can't learn. I find myself lost in the thought of something that I may want but should'nt have. I give people credit that they should'nt have, an I read more into things an people than I should. Doing these always leaves me with a feeling of regret. I feel stupid because it is a road I always find myself on. I should no better.
Do to the fact that I am a ZOMBIE I try to keep my inner circle to just me. It's safer that way.

This way I don't allow the wrong people to get to me. People are my biggest problem. So I like to keep them far away. Someday I hope to cure myself of this but until then I just gotta try to see better.

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