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Saturday, April 30, 2011

her fartin ass..

So the sun is makeing an appearence today cool looks like it could turn out to be a nice pretty day today. inhale, something faint. inhale again abit stronger inhale one more time deeply, intoxicateing. the scent of a woman. the sweetness in the morning air an her fartin ass. but still the scent is intoxicateing fore she is soft an warm relaxed and comfortable. this allows the beauty within her to follow thru. farting is just a side effect:)  you see she is human a imperfect being created in his image. there is nothing more beautiful nothing more i mean really nothing more there is woman an then everybody else. so i consider it a blessing to be graced with the persence of god must beauty gift to this world. woman with her fartin ass. lmao..


  1. Lmfao, so u like girl farts huh lol, thats sum freaky shit yoo lol

  2. naw its about loveing imperfections every she leaves somethin ugly in the toliet everyday yet we love them anyway..