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Monday, April 25, 2011


Welcome, My name is Antonio Demetrius Wiseman. AKA TONE AKA MR1DEEPSOLO. Welcome to my blog. It's not about any subject in particular just what ever I'm feeling good or bad. A journal if you will. On the outside I am still the same quite dude I always have been but on the inside I am boiling over with all kinds of thoughts and emotions. There was a time when I held everything inside now I can't hold anything back. I can't say for sure why that is. All I know is I'm recovering from a very bad bout with depression an that has changed me. It has been a few years since I was at my lowest. Although I still fight with it everyday I am nowhere near where I was in 2006. So please walk with me you never know what I might say. I may offer you some insight or make you say wtf is wrong with this dude or I may just make you laugh, you never know. But if your reading this I want to say thank you for allowing me to take up some of your time. TONE

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